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VSProwess VSP Processing

A complete range of VSP configurations is processed in house using our VSProwessX software, from conventional rig source surveys through to 3D array and time lapse data.

In addition to wireline-acquired three component borehole seismic, we have processed DAS VSP data with success in both single well and multi-well. We consider mode-converted energy to be an intrinsic part of the dataset and we incorporate its processing into our reports as standard. For borehole seismic which has been acquired by conventional three component wireline tools, we always carry out the processing in three components in order to gain as full an understanding of the complex wave-field as possible and to maximise the information derived from it.

3D Model Driven Approach

We believe that every VSP requires a 3D solution. The real earth demands it. Our tool orientation, wave-mode separation and imaging routines are model-driven in 3D. For this, we use our own VSProwessX 3D ray tracing system. Ray tracing and processing are incorporated within a single software package in order to allow full interaction between the various modules. The 3D earth model is layered using a set of surface grids which enclose layer-specific acoustic properties Vp, Vs and Thomsen anisotropy parameters. A significant benefit of the model-driven approach is that imaging is carried out in depth. Final results are presented in depth although they can be converted to time if required.

Reporting and Interpretation

Our geophysical-staff have accumulated over 80 years experience in VSP processing. We aim to tailor our processing reports to our clients’ requirements and to assist the interpretation phase if at all possible. VSP data can be output in SEG-Y and displayed in a wide variety of formats and styles to illustrate any stage of the processing route. In particular, our 3D visualisation software allows the investigation of merged 3D VSP/seismic data from any perspective in slices through the X, Y and Z axes. Real earth features (the surveyed borehole(s) and nearby wells) and ray tracing features such as ray paths and reflection points can be superimposed on the 3D image. The visualisation software is an integrated part of the VSProwessX package, allowing great flexibility and ease of use.