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Staff Profiles

Mary Humphries

Mary spent the first decade of her career processing VSP data at Seismograph Service Ltd (SSL) before joining Avalon Sciences Ltd in 1991. The principal author of the original VSProwess software, Mary has trained many VSProwess users and is often the first port of call for technical advice. A member of the EAGE and SEG, Mary is a regular attendee and presenter to the technical conferences of both societies. Co-founder of VSProwess Ltd, Mary is an expert geophysicist and a talented VSP processor. Many of her publications can be viewed on our website.

James Bailey

James has 20 years in the industry. Having worked for both service and operator companies, James has gained valuable insight from both perspectives. James is experienced in all aspects of borehole seismic with particular expertise in pre-survey modeling and 3D VSP processing. James understands that data expectations are only met through good project planning, a safe and competent survey execution, and a considered processing and interpretation of the data.

Dr Anca Rosca

Previously with Chevron research and latterly with Magnitude/Baker Hughes, Anca greatly strengthens our team with her considerable geophysical experience. With her particular interest in modeling and microseismic techniques, Anca is guiding our new software development in these key areas.

Colin Humphries
Engineer and CEO

With 37 years in the VSP industry, Colin has wide experience of field instruments and acquisition methods.

An SSL veteran, after 10 years as field engineer and instrument supervisor he co-founded the equipment manufacturer ASL, serving the next 20 years as head of electronics and software.

Also co-founder of VSProwess, Colin presently serves us as both CEO and head of software development. His hobbies include HPC software.