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VSProwess Presurvey Modelling

A successful VSP requires careful planning. At VSProwess, we are able to call upon the considerable experience of our staff when studying the feasibility of a proposed survey.

In addition to 80+ years of combined processing history, we have staff with operator experience and with a background in field operations and engineering, including detailed knowledge of many borehole seismic acquisition systems.

VSProwessX Modelling Software

Survey configurations are tested with our VSProwessX 3D ray tracing software. The 3D earth model is built from a set of surface grids enclosing layer-specific acoustic properties, including Thomsen anisotropy parameters ε and δ. Source and receiver arrays may be placed anywhere within the model. We specialise in complex 3C/3D VSP surveys and can accommodate multi-well configurations within the same model. The modelled three component wavefield is studied to identify optimum P-P and P-S reflection coverage in relation to the survey objectives. Synthetic VSP traces can be generated and test processing applied in order to help to identify any processing difficulties and to allow the survey specifications to be adjusted accordingly.

Expert Advice

Recommendations are made regarding the likelihood of the survey meeting its objectives, taking into account any logistical, time and cost constraints. We engage with our clients throughout the project, both by meeting in person and through the implementation of the latest online communication tools. Our team of geophysicists use their industry experience and the advanced VSProwessX software to produce independent and objective feasibility reports for all proposed subsurface surveys.