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VSProwess VSP Training

VSProwess provide training services specific to our client’s needs, either at our client’s offices or in the peaceful surroundings of our head office in Somerset, South West UK.

The training courses are flexible in terms of duration and content, and can often be tailored to satisfy a target audience.

Generic VSP Training Courses

These courses aim to cover the fundamentals of the borehole seismic discipline. The course material is tailored to provide as wide an overview as possible, and information on current industry technology is included. When processing is discussed or being demonstrated, our VSProwess processing software is used. This is additionally beneficial to clients already using, or thinking of using, the VSProwess processing software. The course agenda is flexible, and where possible will include some case study material provided by the client. For more details on generic course topics, please Contact Us.

VSP Processing Training Courses

These courses are designed to support and train our clients who use, or are thinking of using, our VSProwess VSP processing software. Through hands-on instruction we provide the foundation for users to fully utilize the capabilities of our software. The training will normally use a client’s own project, and process data from raw 3 component field records through to final image. It is assumed that course attendees would already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of signal processing, and the sort of VSP processing that would be required on a particular dataset. If you are interested in a VSP processing training course using one of your own projects and additionally trying out our VSProwess processing software, please Contact Us.