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VSProwess VSP Consultancy

VSProwess offers a flexible consultancy service, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our considerable in-house expertise enables us to impartially advise on all stages of a borehole seismic project.

At the earliest stage we can help appraise a proposed borehole seismic operation, with a focus on meeting specific survey objectives. We offer either a QC service of a contractors modelling and feasibility, or perform the pre-survey modelling and feasibility ourselves. At the end of this appraisal stage an informed decision should be possible to determine if the proposed borehole seismic survey should be undertaken. If a survey is selected, based on the modelling work and other project specific constraints, VSProwess consultants can help design the optimum borehole seismic survey and subsequent operations plan. This plan ensuring a maximum operation efficiency and if needed incorporate some operation contingencies.

Rely on our Field Experience

VSProwess also have considerable operation and field experience. Assuming we can either view or download data remotely, we can offer a QC service for pre-survey parameter testing, data monitoring of ongoing operations and QA of final field deliverables. In particular, at VSProwess we offer a flexible VSP processing consultancy service. This could be an objective oversight of another contractor’s processing or VSProwess performing the processing using our own highly-regarded software.

3-component data

Our staff geophysicists possess a deep understanding of 3C processing and we always process with all 3 components as a matter of course. Whilst we have your attention we will take this opportunity to emphasise that good quality data must be recorded on all 3 components. It is simply not good enough to QC only the vertical component.

An Objective Approach

A good data interpretation and integration is paramount to maximising the value taken from your data and achieving the original survey technical objectives. At VSProwess it is our aim that your data is fully understood and that processed results are objectively used. This is to ensure only reliable subsurface information is propagated forward for the calibration and interpretation of the subsurface models around your wells.